Tiny Skills: 250+ Top Work & Personal Skills Made Easy

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Succeed Faster Than Others.

5000+ Bits Of Proven Advice Distilled From All Time Best Books And Experts.

290 Easy-to-Follow Guides On 13 Types Of Essential Skills.

Tiny Skills is The First & Only Encyclopedia of Self-help, Self-improvement and Career Advice.

Use This Never-Before Book To Quickly Deal With Your Personal & Work Problems.

Get The Value of 100+ Books From 1.

Bonus Guide 1. 100 Most Useful Acronyms That Teach Us: 100+ useful self improvement tips in form of popular acronyms.

Bonus Guide 2. 200 Writing Tips From Great Writers: Essential writing advice from 40+ great writers.

550 Pages | PDF / EPub / Kindle Ready

Tiny Skills. Tremendous Results.

Why I Created Tiny Skills

Because skills matter. Your degrees & technical skills aren't enough.

Between making a living and surviving in an uncertain and highly competitive world, every modern professional has to constantly work on a lot of things to come out on top.

I have been working on an all-in-one book of advice since 2003, which would help all modern professionals save time and money with handy solutions to any problems they're facing at work or in life.

In creating Tiny Skills, I went through 1000+ books, just so you don't have to. I hope to help you quickly overcome any problem at work & in life.

How You Benefit From Tiny Skills

Tiny Skills Is The First & Only Encyclopedia of Self Help, Self Improvement & Career Advice.

Every Page Is Basically A Book!

No Need To Buy 100s Of Books.

Traditional Advice Books Are History. They Are Too Many & Too Light.

Tiny Skills Is The Way Of The Future. It Gives You Instant Help On Any Work or Personal Problem.

Develop The Real, Inner Skills of Winners

There are more than 5000 tips in this book!

Who is Tiny Skills For?

I created Tiny Skills for every modern professional.

You'll Benefit From Tiny Skills If:

You are someone who wants to transform your resume from ordinary to remarkable.

You want to 'do what you love' and still be able to build a career.

You want to learn about the 25 most useful productivity methods.

You want to talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime...even if you are not a 'natural'.

You want to be charming, likeable, and interesting.

You want to be happy, confident & successful.

You want to follow through on anything you start.

You want to build powerful connections.

What's Inside Tiny Skills

13 Types Of Essential Skills Made Real Easy

1. Communication skills

2. Self Help skills

3. Self Improvement skills

4. Time Management / Productivity skills

5. Business skills

6. Writing skills

7. Thinking skills

8. Making a living

9. Freelancing skills

10. Starting a business

11. Running a business

12. Creating a tech startup

13. Career management skills.

There are more than 5000 tips inside this book!

550 Pages | PDF / EPub / Kindle Ready

What People Are Saying About Tiny Skills

Professionals' Guide To The Top Rung. - The Financial Express
Interested In A Successful Career? - Business Line
Presents All Self-Improvement Ideas In One Single Resource. - Keith Johnson, Greatdocuments.net

Read All 290 Tiny Skills Guides Online

1. Career Success

Career Skills, Job Trends, Career Planning
The American Dream, In Memorium
What Do We Want From Our Job?
How To 'Do What You Love' And Still Be Able To Build A Career
Career Values, Strengths And Personality Types
Finding A Career Path You Will Love (And Prosper In)
Career Planning: 15 Things To Know
Working For A Big Company Vs Working For A Small Company
The Top Non-job Skills Recruiters /employers Love
What Business Executives Should Know
How To Identify Your Marketable Skills
Where The Jobs Are (And Aren't): 14 Useful Lists Of Jobs
Do You Need A Degree To Succeed? Part 1
10 Things To Do With A Liberal Arts Degree

Your Resume
Resume 101
What To Put On A Resume When You Have Nothing To Put On It
What Skills To Put On Your Resume
A Quick Guide To Great Words for Your Resume
The 15 Best (Most Useful) Personality Tests That Are Actually Worth Taking (and they are all mostly free)
The 6 Seconds Test For Resumes (And How To Survive It)
The 45 Most Interesting Personality Quizzes Online
What Are Resume Screeners?
The Five Best (And Free) Career Quizzes That Will Help You Find the Ideal Career
Writing Great Cover Letters

Starting Out
How To Survive Psychometric Tests
A Quick Guide To Placement Tests
A Quick Guide To Personality Tests (And Why They Don't Work)
How To Do Well At In-tray And E-tray Exercises
How To Get the Most out of Career Counseling
Working for Free To Get A Foot In
Making The Best Out Of Internships
Using A Career Consultant / Career Coach
How to Work With Executive Recruiters

Job Search
20 Steps To Any Successful Job Search
Three Useful Job Search Checklists
When Your Job Search Just Isn't Working
How To Get A Job When You Have No Relevant Experience
Three Innovative Job Hunting Ideas
Practical Tips For Job Search When You Have A Job
How to Handle Career Fairs
Online Job Search Guide
How To Avoid Job Scams

Job Interviews
Tips For Successful Job Interviews, The Ultimate Guide
How To Overcome Your Job Interview Anxiety
A Quick Guide To Interview Psychology
How To Handle a Tough Job Interview Successfully
Answering Most Difficult Interview Questions
Seven Red Flags You Should Watch For During Job Interviews
How To Identify A dead-end job During A Job Interview
How To Identify A Bad Boss During A Job Interview
The Most Awful Job Interview Mistakes According To Employers
How to Succeed at Your Video Interview
How To Handle A Stress interview And Come Out Okay
How To Ace The Phone Interview
How to Ace The Panel Interview
How to Ace A Group Interview
How To Succeed In Coding Interviews
Handling Internal Job Interviews
Doing Well In Behavioral Interviews

Surviving The Workplace
How To Be A Shining Star At Work
How To Be An Awesome Professional
The Basics Of Career Management
How To Be Powerful At Work And In Life
Why Hard Work Matters, And How We Can Work Hard
How To Be Lucky In Your Career
How To Make Yourself Irreplaceable
Loyalty Towards Skills, Not Your Employer
Stay Sharp
How To Take Risks And Come Out Okay Every Time
Listen To Your Gut: Your Instincts May Be Right
Have Integrity
Being A Better Employee, The Ultimate Guide
A Quick Guide to Jerks At Work
Working With Colleagues Successfully
How To Survive Workplace Conflicts
How To Manage Your Boss
The Essential Guide To Survive (Or Win At) Office Politics And Gossip
Networking To Build Your Career
How To Have A Career During Difficult Times
How To Successfully Work From Home (Or Telecommute Painlessly)
How To Negotiate Your Salary, The Ultimate Guide
How to Get a Salary Raise You Deserve
The Essential Guide To Getting Job Promotions and Rising Up In Your Dream Career
A Quick Guide to Mentors
How To Do Performance Reviews And Come Out Aces

Marketing/Branding Yourself
How To Market Yourself and Sell Yourself Better
How You Can Be A Leader / Expert In Your Field
A Simple Guide To Creating A Successful Personal Brand
A Simple Guide To Career Portfolios (And 'About Me' Pages) That Help You Get Work

Surviving Your Career
Achieving A Work-Life Balance In Your Career
How To Downshift And Enjoy Life More
How to Survive And Be Happy In A Job You Hate
How To Reinvent Your Career Successfully
How To Change Careers and Come Out on Top
A Simple Guide To Quitting Your Job
How To Overcome And Avoid Work Related Burnout And Fatigue
The Company You Work For (And HR) Is Not Your Friend
Dealing With Mid Career Blues
Everything You Should Know About Layoffs (And Career Breaks)
Surviving Unemployment And Job Loss
How To Stop Sabotaging Your Career
How To Start And Run A Side Project Successfully

Situation-wise Career Guides
The First Job Survival Guide
How to Survive, Succeed and Shine at Your New Job
Career Advice For College Students
A Guide To Job Hunting For College Graduates
Career Tips For Young People / Millenials
Essential Career Advice For Women
Seven Career Success Tips For Introverts
Career Advice for Coders, Engineers and Designers
Career Advice for Creative People
How Creative People Can Be An Authority Online

2. Communication Skills

Teamwork Skills: How To Work In A Team Effectively
How To Make (And Refute) Arguments
How To Win An Argument
How To Criticize
Seven Simple Ways To Give Praise
How To Complain
Culture Smarts: Taking In Cultural Cues From Across The World
How To (Really) Control Your Emotions
Basics Of Phone Etiquette
A Simple Guide To Non-Verbal Communication
Social Skills: Seven Things Everyone Should Know
The 30 most important things about effective communication everyone must know
Nine Things You Should Know About Interpersonal Skills
How To Overcome Your Shyness, The Ultimate Guide
A Simple Guide To Introverts
How You Can Overcome Social Anxiety
25+ Effective Networking Tactics To Improve Your Networking Skills
How To Master The Basic Meet And Greet
Master The Power Pose In Two Minutes
The 20 All-Time Best Pieces Of Relationship Advice Ever
How To Build Great Professional Relationships
30+ Techniques About Killing It With Public Speaking
How To Give Impromptu Speeches
How To Be A Smart/Witty Talker
How To Speak And Influence People Like Barack Obama
The 20 Best Tips For Speaking Better
100+ Useful Techniques For Great Small Talk
Question Skills: How We Can Be Great At Asking Questions
How To Give Feedback
Active Listening Skills (How To Be A Great Listener)
Presentation Skills: How To Give Great Presentations
Rhetoric: Using Language Better To Communicate Effectively And Persuasively
How To Be Assertive
A Simple Guide To Understanding Body Language
15+ Tricks That Will Help You Catch People Lying
11 Really Useful NLP Techniques
A Simple Guide To Emotional Intelligence
How To Be Charismatic
How To Develop Presence
How To Be Charming, Likeable, And Interesting
Personality Development: How You Can Improve Your Personality
20+ Tips On Handling Difficult People
How To Run And Participate In Effective Meetings

3. Time Management / Productivity Skills

45 Things You Should Know About Being A Productivity Superstar
The 25 Most Useful Productivity Methods
20+ Best Productivity Techniques For The Workplace
Eight Important Things You Should Know About Effective Time Management
Multitasking vs Monotasking
How To Improve Your Concentration
How To Achieve Flow
How To Delegate And Get More Work Done

4. Writing Skills

20 Best Ways To Improve Your Writing Skills
Seven Bits Of Writing advice from William Zinnser
Writing Prompts: 20 Interesting Ideas To Help You Start Writing Daily
Persuasive Writing Skills: 29 Ways To Write To Persuade
How To Write Concisely
How To Write In A Plain Language
Business Writing Skills: Eight Kinds Of Business Writing To Do Well
Online Writing Skills: 30 Ways To Improve Your Online Writing
How To Turn Your Blog Into A Book
A Quick Guide To Copywriting (Writing To Sell)
How To Create Advertising That Sells

5. Thinking Skills

Decision Making Skills: 15 Useful Methods For Deciding Better & Faster
Critical Thinking Skills: A Simple Guide
Media Literacy Skills: A Simple Guide
30+ Most Useful Problem Solving Methods
Business Problem Solving Skills: 15 Ways To Look At Business Problems
How Top Business Consultants Solve Problems
A Simple Guide To Lateral Thinking Skills
Creativity Skills: 30 Things You Should Know About Creativity
Thinking Like A Genius
Neurobics: Seven Small Exercises To Keep Your Mind Fit
Fast Reading Skills
21 Techniques For A Better Memory

6. Business Skills

A Simple Guide To Leadership Skills
Leadership Skills: The 22 Jobs (And Skills) of a leader
Leadership Skills: 13 Most Useful Leadership Tips and Tricks
Persuasion Skills: 15 Ways To Persuade People
Business Persuasion: 25+ Effective Tricks
30+ Persuasion Techniques People Use For Good Or Bad
Negotiation Skills: The Basics
Negotiation Skills: 21 Useful Negotiation Tips
Negotiation Skills: The Top 20 Negotiation Tactics
Negotiation Skills: 10 Questionable Negotiation Tactics
Project Management Skills: A Simple Guide To Effective Project Management
Project Management Skills: 14 Useful Methods For Project Analysis And Planning
Business Management Skills, The Ultimate Guide
Business Management Skills: How To Be An Effective Executive/Manager
Things A New, First-Time Manager Should Know To Succeed
How To Be An Effective Coach
Marketing Skills, The Ultimate Guide
Marketing Skills: A Simple Guide To Advertising And Copywriting
Marketing Skills: Inexpensive marketing tactics that work
Marketing Skills: Using The Internet To Promote Your Business
Marketing Skills: Seven Digital Marketing Concepts You Should Know
Marketing Skills: Seven Things Related to Your Business/Product You Should Monitor
Marketing Skills: Storytelling
Sales Skills: 20 Sales Skills Every Salesperson Should Master
Sales Skills: Writing A Winning Sales Proposal That Brings You More Business
Sales Skills: 20+ Most Useful Sales Tips & Techniques
Sales Skills: 17 Useful Sales Rules

7. Starting a Business

The Basics Of Starting and Running Your Own Business
Starting a Business: Validate yourself
Starting a Business: Have an idea
Starting a Business: Validate the idea/Market research
Starting a business: Create a Business plan
Starting a business: Business structure (and other legal stuff)
Starting a Business: Focus on cash planning
Starting a Business: Get funding for your business idea
Starting a Business: Get funding for your tech business idea
Starting a Business: Bootstrapping your business

8. Running a Business

Running A Business: Branding
Running a Business: Creating the product/service
Running a Business: The Presence
Running a Business: How will people buy from you?
Running a Business: Get more sales
Running a Business: Time management for entrepreneurs
Running a Business: Keep track of all your costs
Running a Business: Set good business terms
Running a Business: Try not to run out of cash
Running a Business: Doing business with the right customers
Running a Business: Doing business with the right suppliers
Running a Business: Taxes
Running a Business: Recruiting people
Running a Business: Keeping your people/team happy
Running a Business: Delegating and getting more work done
Running a Business: Strategic thinking
Running a Business: How to motivate yourself
Running a Business: How to motivate your employees
Running a Business: Handling 13 common employee problems
Running a Business: Getting outside help
Running a Business: Shutting shop
Running a Business: Selling your business
Running a Business: Running A Single-Person Startup
Running a Business: Create A Long-lasting Startup

9. Creating a Tech Startup

How To Make Something People Want
How To Make A Successful Mobile App
How To Validate Your Product Idea
Don't Build A Startup, Build A Business Instead
Seven More Strategies To Get More Online Users/Buyers

10. Freelancing Skills

How To Succeed As A Freelancer In This New Gig Economy
Making A Living As A Web Developer/Web Designer
20+ important steps in establishing a full-fledged freelancing setup
Freelancer or Employee?
How to start freelancing without leaving your job
Five Ways How Odds Work Against Every New Freelancer
The Basic Legal/Financial Stuff Freelancers Have To Know
How To Find Client/s When You Are Starting Out
Setting Your Freelance Rates
How To Improve Your Value As A Freelancer (And Make More Money)
How Smart Freelancers Get Paid On Time
How To Scale Your Freelance Business
Succeeding On Freelance Job Websites
The Client Flow
A Quick Guide Through The Freelancing Contract
Working With Clients
Freelancing Troubleshooting Guide
Dealing With Bad Clients

10. Making a living

11. The Big List Of Things You Can Do To Make A Part-Time Living
Offline methods of making some money
Online methods (or a mix of both methods) of making some money
Making a living from writing
Making money from videos
Making money selling software, software as a service (SaaS)
Making money from selling stuff online
Selling on Ebay
Other Options Of Making A Living Online

12. Self Help Skills

Money: 35+ Most Important (And Useful) Things You Must Know About Money
Healthy Life: The 35+ Most Important Things You Should Know About Nutrition, Dieting, And Fitness
Sleeping Better: 11 Important Things To Know
Stress Management: How To Reduce And Prevent Stress
Stress Management: Coping Strategies
Anger Management: How To Control Your Temper (Before It Controls You)
Positive Thinking, A Simple Guide
15 Methods That Will Help You To Stop Worrying
How To Be A Confident Person
A Simple Guide To Self-Esteem
How To Be Happy: 20 Things To Do That Will Make Us Happy
What Makes Us Happy (According To Happiness Research & Surveys)
How To Deal With Bullying
How To Deal With Harassment
How To Deal With Anxiety
How To Deal With Silent Treatment
How To Deal With Burnout
How To Cope With Information Overload
Nine Most Effective Relaxation Techniques
The 12 Meditation Techniques Anyone Can Easily Use to Feel At Peace
Mindfulness Mediation For Beginners
Mindfulness Mediation For Beginners
A Simple Guide To The Alexander Technique

13. Self Improvement Skills

The Basics Of Self Management
How To Find Your Purpose (Finding Meaning)
Success: 18 Important Things You Should Know
How To Set Good Goals
How To Give Up Bad Habits And Pick Up Good Habits
A Simple Guide To Self Discipline
Growth Mindset: All That You Have To Know
How To Increase Your Willpower
How To Be Resilient
Grit: A Simple Guide
Creating A Good Personal Mission And Vision Statement
How To Teach Yourself And Learn Better
How To Get Through The Hard Times

Tiny Skills: 250+ Top Work & Personal Skills Made Easy

The First & Only Encyclopedia of Self Help, Self Improvement & Career Advice

290 Guides On 13 Types Of Essential Skills.

Get 5000+ Pieces Of Proven Advice Distilled From All Time Best Books And Experts.

To The Point. Easy To Follow. Free Of Fluff.

$4 | 550 Pages | PDF / EPub / Kindle Ready

How To Use Tiny Skills

The downloaded .rar file contains Kindle ready ePub and  2 PDF versions  (A4 size, mobile screen size) of Tiny Skills. Use the Table of contents/bookmarks to get instant advice on any pressing topic. 

Print out only the guide you want. Save the environment.

Check Out thesuccessmanual.in For More Useful Self Help & Self Improvement Guides.

Note: Tiny Skills was called The Success Manual: 250+ Top Work & Personal Skills Made Easy.'

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Tiny Skills: 250+ Top Work & Personal Skills Made Easy

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